Me, somewhere in Paris
Langdale pikes, Lake District.


Cabbage, teriyaki and truffle

Thanks for stopping by. My name is David and I hope you enjoy sharing my hobby.

When we’ve all had fantastic food at a restaurant, who wouldn’t want to recreate it at home. I’m a Manchester based food blogger. I have always asked too many questions of how do they do that. It can’t be that difficult surely!

So I’ve taken it as a challenge to try and create delicious food at home?  Often with shortcuts, often far healthier than made on TV, ie James Martin and his butter!

I would love to try and go on Masterchef but I’m not in the position to get loads of time off work. So along with my harsh critic, I hope you get inspired by the journey I’m going to lead you on.

My job takes me all over the world, so I do get many influences, but that also creates a yearning for the produce we have on our doorstep at home. I hope to do them justice.