Me, somewhere in Paris
Langdale pikes, Lake District.


Cabbage, teriyaki and truffle

Thanks for stopping by. My name is David and I hope you enjoy sharing my hobby.

When we’ve all had fantastic food at a restaurant, who wouldn’t want to recreate it at home. I’m a Manchester based food blogger. I have always asked too many questions of how do they do that. It can’t be that difficult surely!

So I’ve taken it as a challenge to try and create delicious food at home?  Often with shortcuts, often far healthier than made on TV, ie James Martin and his butter!

(I would love to try and go on Masterchef but I’m not in the position to get loads of time off work.) Funny how things change. This dream has finally become a reality with me ending up as the runner-up in the 2018 competition. In a strange way I couldn’t have wished for more. As if I did win, I feel I may have received offers that I feel I can’t refuse and give up flying. I want to do as much as I can in the culinary world, that fits around the day job. Starting off with a few food festival demonstrations and pop-ups. Hopefully culminating in the long term goal of turning this blog into a really useful cookbook.

My job takes me all over the world, so I do get many influences, but that also creates a yearning for the produce we have on our doorstep at home. I hope to do them justice.