White Gazpacho amuse bouche, dill oil.

Cooking Events

Things certainly haven’t settled down since the show aired. Understandably things are now just busier and more complicated.

I’ve added an “Events” page to the top of the blog. This will be updated with what I’m up to and links for tickets when available.

Last night I did my first pop up restaurant at the lovely Laithwaites in Alderley Edge. It’s a great venue for me and hopefully I’d like it to become a regular long term thing. The bonus of Laithwaites is that they do perfect wine matching for prices never seen before. Last night there was a Chablis Grand Cru on a £15 wine flight. Just come for the wine, forget my food!

Dining room
White Gazpacho amuse bouche, dill oil.
Beetroot sorbet, smoked chicken, celery walnut salad
Iberico Presa, pumpkin seed pesto, carrot ketchup
Apple Crumble Mille Feuille



  1. CONGRATS on your first pop up restaurant! Those dishes look so so good!

  2. It all looks wonderful David. We can’t wait until 1st June!

  3. Betty Knight

    Dave, that sounds bloody lovely. I hope it’s a regular thing too, we are just up the road. All the very best with this, I think it’s wonderful. Betty

  4. I hope you’re enjoying this all as well!

  5. What an awesome dinner that must have been. I am all over that white gazpacho, would love to know what’s in your version! 😉 The Canales you posted in Instagram also look awesome. Do you think this pastry would freeze well? I’m thinking about making something like it (with Foie Gras mousse inside) for a dinner party this weekend but most recipes make 6-12 and I’ll only need 4 of them? I might even try to make your winning dessert!
    This afternoon, I have two neighbour girls and their mums coming over for a macaron lesson, fingers crossed that they’ll turn out great.

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