Curried Monkfish with Celeriac Chips, best ever ketchup.

Curried Monkfish with Celeriac Chips, best ever ketchup.

Difficulty 2/5

This dish looks elegant with lots of unusual tastes for fish and chips. I really think heinz should start selling this ketchup, it is so fresh and moreish. If you are a proper foodie I swear you will never buy Heinz again, just keep a tub of this in the fridge.

Monkfish: 1 tail, skinned and cut into two equal portions/ 1tsp each cumin,coriander, Garam masala, 1/2tsp salt.- or just use curry powder.

Celeriac chips: 1 celeriac cut into 1cm square chips. Oil.

Ketchup: 500g good quality tomatoes/ 2 tbsp light Demerara sugar/ 3 cloves garlic/ basil and thyme/500ml passata/ 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar.

Pea purée: 200g petit pois/ splash chicken stock/ butter/ 6 fresh leaves or mint sauce.

1) Heat oil in a pan one third of thewary up. Heat to 130c, it’s not vital to be exact if you don’t have a deep fat fryer, +/- 10c will not do any harm. Blanch( cook until soft without colouring) for about 5-6 mins. The good thing about celeriac is that it has far less starch than a potato so it doesn’t fall apart when cooked like a potato will. Set on kitchen paper and leave in fridge until ready.

2) heat oven to 180c.Halve tomatoes, drizzle with oil, sugar, vinegar, thyme, salt and pepper. Cook for 1 hour. Add garlic,passata and basil, cook for another 30 mins. Remove from oven, cool, blitz and pass through a sieve. Taste and check seasoning.

3) Mix spices and roll monkfish in them, add to a pan with a touch of butter and oil. Cook on all sides for 2 mins, then place in oven for 4 mins to ensure cooked through if a thick piece.

4) Meanwhile, heat oil to 180c. Brown chips. 4-5 mins. Drain on kitchen paper, season with Maldon sea salt or any large salt grains.

5) Heat peas for 2 mins in micro with a few tbsps of stock. Purée in a processor with a knob of butter and the mint leaves. If no leaves a tsp of mint sauce will be good. For brownie points pass through a sieve. As you can see I forgt to looking at the picture.

Critique: Very nice dish, not too daunting. The chips although a lovely change aren’t as crispy as potato ones. The sauce was so moreish I didn’t think it would get through the week. It was so good I had to have scrambled eggs for breakfast the next day just so I could have some of the ketchup.


  1. That looks brilliant! I bet it tastes good too. 🙂

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