Franciacorta Extra Brut 2006

Franciacorta Extra Brut 2006

Franciacorta Extra Brut 2006|Fine Dining at Home

This is a step into the unknown for me, my wine knowledge is nothing like my food knowledge. If you are planning a nice treat for someone on Valentines Day maybe this is something new to try. Together with some recommended recipes below which aren’t too difficult, but offer maximum brownie points.

What is Franciacorta? It is Italian Champagne in a nutshell. The minimum time from harvest to release is 25months, and this is for the non-vintage. The chardonnay grapes come from the surrounding area of Brescia, just west of Lake Garda at the foothills of the Alps. The difference between Franciacorta and Prosecco. Prosecco is a wonderful Aperitif as it’s light and very bubbly as if made in a sodastream. Whereas, Franciacorta is far more grown up, proper champagne fine bubbles with a lot more complexity to the wine.

Tasting wise this wine shows an intense straw yellow color, very transparent, good effervescence, fine and persistent perlage. The nose reveals intense, refined aromas which start with hints of plum, praline and banana. In the mouth, it has good correspondence to the nose, a crisp good body, intense flavours. The finish is persistent with flavors of kiwi and apple.

How does it compare to other champagnes? Well, as I’m not claiming to be a wine aficionado I will tell you what I have experienced and where this fits in. Bollinger Grande Annee  and Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque the Bollinger being the best champagne I’ve ever had, incredibly buttery. While the Perrier Jouet was super smooth with a clean finish. I would say the Franciacorta is on the lines the Perrier Jouet. As you can see from the links the Perrier Jouet is £100/ bottle. This Franciacorta is £18-£30 depending where you pick it up from. It has received Three Glasses from the Gambero Rosso.

Where do I get this from? I bought this from a superb deli in Alderley Edge, Grantham’s Fine Food and Wine, Mikes incredible knowledge and enthusiasm for everything Italian is infectious.

If you don’t happen to be near this is, a good website stateside is US Franciacorta Sales , otherwise just google or ask at a good local wine merchants. They can certainly order it in for you.

Valentine Menu:

Goats Cheese Crostini with Truffle Honey

Cauliflower Risotto with Chocolate Jelly or Beef Wellington

Pineapple Ravioli or White Chocolate and Orange Fondant with Cornflake Ice Cream


  1. An Valentines Day, I really must start thinking about that menu. We’ve been drinking Prosecco lately. Last year I bought a bottle of Veuve Clicquot at Costco in Illinois for $35, it’s on our shelves for $80! Not sure why our champagnes are so much more expensive in Canada.
    Would love to try your reco.

    • Dave Crichton

      I guess import taxes count for a lot. Everything except coffee was expensive in Canada found. It’s a nice drink as something different, you’ll find prosecco being so cheap in comparison though and almost as good.

  2. This is a good sparkling wine

  3. Interesting – haven’t tasted this before. But intrigued, especially as the method used to make Franciacorta is the same as Champagne (whereas Prosecco is a different ‘tank’ method).

    • Dave Crichton

      Hi Sally, if you know people who love their Pinot Grigio and Gavis, they’re sure to love this. I still prefer French wine, but adore Prosecco as an aperitif because of its effervescence. Franciacorta is certainly more sophisticated.

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