I am so pleased to say there is finally a mini top class restaurant revolution in the North West of England. Hispi is a relatively new restaurant from the people behind the Sticky Walnut in Chester. There are also a few new high end restaurants afoot in the city centre. What I loved most about Hispi though, is that all they set out to do is to give you great food at incredibly reasonable prices. Just reading the menu is so invigorating and refreshing. I’ll let  the food and photos do the talking, pictures painting a thousand words……

Salt baked swede, smoked garlic and puffed barley.
No words needed, featherblade steak, celeriac and chips!
Eccles Cake

From the top, salt baked swede with puffed barley and creme fraiche. The swede was perfectly salty and soft, the puffed barley is a great accompaniment. Sadly it was overly seasoned and hence the dish seemed a bit too salty overall. I would have thought this would have been ironed out by now.

For mains I had the featherblade steak, celeriac puree, kale and parmesan and truffle chips. Wowsers, featherblade is another underused cut that is now becoming fashionable. It is basically chuck steak but left whole. The reduced cooking liquor jus was deep and rich, which was perfectly balanced with the puree and chips. Even though the chips were a little too salty also, my only complaint.

For dessert, I make no secret of the fact that I make brilliant Eccles Cakes. I’ve tweaked my recipe over the years, using raisins instead of currants and some secret additions which I’ve not actually put in my recipe. Email me if you want the additions! Anyhow, these are, as Eccles cakes go, perfect.  A nice large size packed with fruit, served with a very generous moreish quenelle of whipped cream.

See below for some of the other dishes we had on the night. All in all, I can’t wait to go back and eat the rest of the menu. If you go at standard meal times the prices are incredibly reasonable. Starters £5-£8, Mains £12-18, desserts around £5/6. Brilliant. If you can manage the early bird, £18 for three courses and a glass of wine. Whats not to like about that.

Celeriac Soup
Poached Hake
Cured Cod and Red Carlin Peas
Pineapple, coconut and yoghurt
Barley malt beignets, malt ice cream, whiskey sultanas


  1. Top end food at not so top end prices. Can they last? I sure hope so. Those dishes look really good – I’m in love with the swede dish.

  2. What a fine dining experience!

  3. Well, all I can say is wow, wow, wow! Everything looks mouthwatering and the prices seem quite reasonable (even for a Canuck!). The steak looks so darn good, as I’m sitting on the plane in Florida (waiting for all the oldies to board) I’m hoping that JT has decided to go out for dinner tonight tonight so I could order steak!
    Over seasoning is an issue here too, it’s such a shame. I ordered Short rib once and I simply could not eat it, it was that salty.

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