Homemade Granola

Homemade Granola

Homemade Granola

This weeks post of how make granola might be a little off the Fine Dining at Home theme. In discussions with several people, people are often surprised that I make my own. Despite all the other things I sometimes create which can be complicated. Now, the recipe below is so simple. The main reason for making it at home is that you can have what flavour you want and what nutrition you want. I’ll talk more about that in a minute, but essentially granola is only three or four ingredients and 40 minutes in the oven.

In a nutshell ours is made with the purest ingredients to get the most beneficial bowl of granola. The essence of the dish is a load of nuts, oats, a sweetener and an oil which when cooked acts like glue to stick things together. One thing I absolutely swear by is the use of coconut oil. It’s flavour adds an underlying sweetness and nuttiness to the granola so that you don’t need to add too much later.

Now, it’s rare for me to preach about health benefits of ingredients. I certainly believe in the ingredient of moderation when it comes to food. However, after looking into coconut oil it appears to be a paradox. As coconut oil is 95% saturated fat, surely this must be bad for us. Well, not all saturatred fat is bad for you. It is all to do with the length of the fat chain in a nutshell. Short and medium are good as they can be broken down by the body quickly and used as energy. Long chains aren’t quite as easily absorbed. Rather than go into detail click here for the 10 best reasons for using coconut oil.

The next key ingredient is the sweetener. Anything from normal sugar, maple syrup, honey or agave syrup. Use what suits your needs the best. I’ve used some Manuka honey, because it doesn’t lose its antibacterial qualities on heating. Most honey has very little health benefits. Manuka has, but it is very expensive. It’s also got a very strong taste. Think how demerara sugar tastes compared to white.

The granola above is a coconut, macadamia and papaya mix. I start with 200g oats (make sure they’re jumbo), 100g of nuts of choice (chopped roughly), 100g of seed mix (flax, sesame, linseed etc).

Granola Mix

Now for the glue. 70ml Coconut Oil, 50 ml Agave Syrup, 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract. Melt in a pan.


Add to the dry ingredients and mix. Lay out on a large baking tray. You want it to be 1cm thick.


Cook at 130°c Fan for 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and turn all of it over. Cook for another 20 minutes. Check at 35 minutes total as it can burn quite quickly and once it’s burnt it will be ruined.

Cooked Granola

Once you try it, you’ll never buy any other packet of granola again! Let your imagination run wild. Once this is cooked I add the dried fruit. Cooked dried fruit is rather disgusting!


  1. I like that… I was thinking of making my own bars as I’ve noticed “healthy” bars are not so healthy as they sound! I’ll give this a try.

  2. It may be simple but I’d stir classify your granola as fine dining for breakfast. 🙂

    • Dave Crichton

      Thanks Karen, I guess it’s a little different to smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. That would be proper fine dining breakfast.

  3. Granola on China, fine dining indeed 🙂
    Ok, so I’m one of those who can very well make granola and buys all the stuff for it, but then doesn’t and uses all yeh stuff she bought on biscuits, cakes and crumbles. Then buys granola…
    You have inspired me to do just do it.
    I will use your ratios of deliciousness.

  4. This is something I have been wanting to make for some time. I’ve also started using coconut oil about 6 months or so ago, not just for cooking for for moisturizing too, plus it smells great. Good quality granola is extremely expensive here so it’s another reason to make it yourself.

  5. BTW, followed your recipe/ratio and finally made a batch of granola. Turned out perfect.

  6. I made homemade granola last year and I fell in love. I don’t make it as often now because I ate so much of it. 🙂 Yours looks delicious!

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