Clockwise form front, Mimolette, Montagnolo affine, Reserve Gruyere, Chaource

Lactose Free Cheese and another video

I just wanted to put into print what I’ve discovered about certain cheeses. If you read the blog readily you might remember I became lactose intolerant last year after visiting Cuba. I assumed it would be fine once it settled down. I’ve always eaten Parmesan and then started eating some Comte. I love manchego and membrillo, so I bought some aged manchego and had a few slices of lovely grain bread with the manchego and membrillo. Quite quickly afterwards I had stabbing in pains in the top of my abdomen. I guess I wasn’t cured.

Clockwise form front, Mimolette, Montagnolo affine, Reserve Gruyere, Chaource
Clockwise form front, Mimolette, Montagnolo affine, Reserve Gruyere, Chaource

I couldn’t understand this until I realised that Comte and Parmesan are not only aged cheese but also made with unpasteurised milk. Amazingly unpasteurised milk contains lactose enzyme to break it down. The heat treatment of pasteurising the milk destroys the enzyme!! Since then I’ve tried every unpasteurised cheese there is and I’m good.

The general rule of thumb is that an aged cheese will over time break down all the lactose. Generally talking over 12 months old. The second argument I’ve heard is by inspecting the nutrition label. Lactose is the sugar in milk. Hence if you look at the nutritional label, if the sugar is less than 0.5g/100g cheese, it should be lactose free. Not fully investigated this avenue yet, but I will. There is one cheese above which isn’t unpasteurised. That is the montagnolo affine. A german blue. They specially age it to eliminate all lactose. As I’ve missed blue cheese so much, I can vouch that their cheese is definitely lactose free. The other option is the unpasteurised Roquefort. I find this far too salty to eat much of it though!

Roast Venison
Roast Venison


Here’s the video of the above dish. (You need to come to the website to see the video, another one for a techie to sort out)

I’m still slowly experimenting with the GoPro. The aim is to make a 6-7 minute video with me talking on it, like a TV demonstration. Then the quick time lapsed video for insta and those had don’t like my accent! I’m not entirely sure why the camera seems a bit fogged up. I think the place needs better lighting. It is still a work in progress, but a whole new medium to work in which is great.


  1. Thank you for sharing the cheese info, very informative. Now let me say how hungry your venison and blackberry dish had made.

  2. I have heard that pasteurisation does cause a lot of digestive issues. Even homogenised milk. I buy low pasteurised non homogenised whole milk with a cream top and manage ok. I used to have a terrible time with regular milk till I did some research. We can’t buy much raw stuff here because of the FDA/USDA.
    Its good info on the cheese. I will have to see if we can get the ones you mentioned.
    Great video! And I love your accent 🙂
    I’ve a warped British-Texan accent…and it was quite southern too, quite Downtown Abbyish Im sorry to say (dang private girl schools)
    I haven’t ventured into the video thing yet…I barely have time to get a post together but I’m thinking about it. Tips appreciated!


    • Dave Crichton

      Hi Nazneen, I think your videos would be great. Everyone loves a strange a British accent. They are a bit of work, but i think they’re well worth the effort if you can get it right.

  3. Dave loving your videos and your venison and blackberry sauce looks so delicious! I find milk products really bother me as well. I avoid them and feel so much better.

    • Dave Crichton

      Hi BAM, I really struggle to replace the milk. Luckily with a bit a of research there seems to be enough milk products I’m fine with. Blue cheese was becoming such an issue!!

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