Manchester Tart Protein Balls

Manchester Tart Protein Balls

Manchester Tart Protein Balls


Manchester tart

These Manchester Tart protein balls haven’t come about from a New Year health kick. I eat them all of the time. Not everyone diets in January, but I think a lot of people want to eat better and nourish themselves again. The Manchester Tart came around in the seventies and eighties. It is similar to a bakewell, with a custard layer replacing the frangipane. I decided to turn this tart into my protein balls.

Far more high protein snacks are appearing on our shelves these days. They are essentially the latest development after fruit and nut bars. The ethos of them is quite simple. Depending how you make yours, they’re usually around 150Kcal a ball and 30-50% protein.

The  construction of them involves nuts, nut butters, nut flours. If you’ve never had more than peanut butter, now is the time to start trying the others. Cashew butter being my favourite. Protein powders if you have them. Then usually some pureed fruit, dates etc as a binding agent. Porridge oats go extremely well as they absorb the liquid, the balls harden up and keep their shape. Literally every ingredient in these have a nutritional benefit, usually all the essential fats found in nuts that you don’t get anywhere else. They are a superb way of adding seeds to your diet which are the most nutritious nuts, but sometimes hard to have a handful of them!

Once you have made your first batch you’ll be thinking about your next lot, they really are addictive. Other versions I’ve made are peanut butter and jam, chocolate fudge, sticky toffee pudding etc.


  • 150g Almond Butter
  • 100g Chopped Nuts
  • 50g Poppy Seeds
  • 50g, rehydrated in 200ml boiling water Freeze Dried Raspberries
  • 75g Desiccated Coconut
  • 50g Oats
  • 2 scoops, strawberry or natural. Protein Powder(optional)


  1. Simply throw all the ingredients in to a bowl except the coconut. Mix together until a stiff mixture is made. If it's a little dry, add some water.
  2. Toast the coconut, take heaped teaspoons of mix and shape into a ball. Place into the toasted coconut to coat.
They will last at least a couple of weeks.


  1. I don’t make New Year resolutions either but we are eating healthier by necessity. 🙂 I think we’ll both like these.

  2. I also make no New Year’s resolutions but I’m trying to cut down on the intake of food. I am in Germany at my diet has not been healthy. Your protein balls looks great and I will make them when I return home next week.

  3. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. What a waste of time and thought! These protein balls are great. I’ve tried other variations and they’ve all been very good but I like the ingredients in yours, esp the raspberries!

  4. Hmmmm strange… seems that I am the only one here who makes new years resolutions.. but you know what? I always fall from the wagon by at most April 🙂 hahaha… I like your version of the protein balls.. I was wondering is there a way to skip the nut butter.. for allergy reasons? do you have a suggestion?. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Dave Crichton

      Hi Amira, it’s very difficult to make protein balls without nuts. You could make them with oats, but then they’d just be a glorified no bake flap jack. You can use more protein powder though. Once a little water is added to protein powder, it becomes a very thick like glue.

  5. Interesting indeed! And super inviting ingredients! A Saturday morning must try 🙂

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