Meat Fruit

Meat Fruit


I decided to give a Heston classic a go at home. Obviously it’s not just a big Orange! A chicken liver parfait encased in an orange jelly, which acts as the balance to the rich but moreish parfait. It does take some time to make. but for a special occasion it will certainly be worth the effort.

Difficulty 4/5

Chicken Liver Parfait: Chicken Liver Parfait

Orange Jelly:

  • 400g Mango Pulp
  • 11 gelatine Leaves.

Equipment: Loaf Tin, Round or muffin moulds. Patience.

1) Cook the parfait as described from the link above, but cook the mixture in a loaf tin. Cook, covered with foil until 65c. This takes about 40-45mins. Leave to cool and then place in the fridge overnight.

2) The next day, put mixture into muffin moulds. Cover with clingfilm and place in freezer overnight.

3) Take half of the parfaits out of the mould. With a blow torch melt the larger surfaces and stick two together to make an orangeish shape. Freeze back together, about 30mins would do.

4) Place all of the gelatine in some cold water for 15mins. Take 200g of the pulp, heat, add the gelatine until it melts. Stir into the remaining pulp.

5) I now find the best tool for the job being a bamboo stick. Pierce a parfait ball and place into the pulp. The jelly will set very quickly as the parfaits are frozen. It is also very forgiving, so don’t worry if the parfaits aren’t perfectly shaped.

6) Set aside in the fridge for the parfaits to defrost. About 4 hours.

7) Just before serving, press a clove into the top, and add a bay leaf to make it look like an orange.


  1. Wow, lots of skill involved in this, I’m impressed!

  2. wow this looks fantastic!!! Such a beautiful presentation!!

  3. Wow, that looks so impressive.

    • Dave Crichton

      Thanks Shel, I had to make some at the weekend for a meat free/ dairy free version. So I came up with “Fish Fruit” Prawn and avocado mousse with a mango and lime jelly. I’ll get it posted in next couple of days.


  4. Looks great, is the jelly mango flavoured then?

    • Dave Crichton

      It is mango flavoured. It needs to be a really sweet jelly to counteract the rich parfait. You can do it with oranges but it means boiling them for two hours then pureeing etc.

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