Scallops Tom kla

Nawamin Pinpathomrat and The Wild Rabbit part 1.

We have finally managed to visit The Wild Rabbit, Kingham. This is the pinnacle in the crown of the Daylesford Farm collection. Daylesford Farm itself only a couple of miles away. It was set up by Lady Bamford (Mrs JCB). The Wild Rabbit gained a Michelin star under the guidance of Tim Allen. It sadly lost it once he left and is now being overseen by Alyn Williams after he left The Westbury.


Click the link for video tour of the cottage, and Nawamin getting interviewed by my wife!


Red curry mousse and crab cake

I’ll come back to the food in a minute. We stayed in one of the cottages rather than the main building as we had a guest coming to cook dinner for us! None other than my MasterChef inspiration Nawamin. He pulled out all of the stops for us. His food was nothing less than sensational. First course was red curry mousse with prawns, coconut cream and salmon eggs. Followed with his crab cakes.

The mousse was a light and a wonderful amuse bouche to get the taste buds into action. Nawamin’s crab cakes are legendary and they didn’t disappoint. Some chunks of crab, mixed together with sweetcorn. What could possibly go wrong? The caviar adding a lovely saltiness to the dish.

Scallops Tom kla

Next up were scallops with Tom Kla and truffle oil. This dish blew me away. The Tom Kla was creamy, yet had all the Thai flavours in perfect harmony, hot, sweet, sour and salty. I’ve become so bored of scallops being served with black pudding/cauliflower/peas, this was just what the doctor ordered or served in this case! It was drizzled with white truffle oil, which I loved as it gave a great aroma to that of the scallops and then it largely disappeared as you ate the sauce. It wouldn’t be Nawamin without a flower. These were borage flowers which are supposed to taste like oysters. Have to admit they are lost on me. Think my taste buds aren’t sensitive enough. They look very pretty though.

Red curry duck a l’orange

Next up, a take on duck a l’orange. In the hollowed out orange we had an amazing duck, red curry, orange salad. I loved all the textures in this. Soft orange, beautifully cooked duck, cashews, then strong hits of lemongrass and an abundance of super fragrant herbs, Thai basil , mint and coriander. Amazing, best Thai salad ever.

Onto the main, and a new Thai curry sauce for me to learn about. Hang lay. It’s a northern Thai sauce. They don’t use coconut milk up there and hence it’s a very meaty sauce. I can see you all googling it now. We had slow cooked ribs, which were meltingly delicious, and the perfect side to the sauce. The sauce intrigued me so much as it had so many layers of flavour. It just keeps you going back for more and more.

Toasted rice panna cotta

Now onto pudding, a toasted rice panna cotta, pandan sticky rice, coconut cake, mango and passion fruit. The set on the panna cotta was probably a little softer than normal, which I think was perfect. It was like eating thick cream rather than cream jelly. The flavour with the infused toasted rice was awesome. More savoury than sweet but definitely interesting. I absolutely loved it. A perfect end to and incredible meal. I then had to roll out the careless Wispas in order to compete.

Careless Wispa

We are so grateful that he cooked for us, his food is by a mile the best Thai food I’ve ever had. We did have our honeymoon in Thailand too! If you are lucky enough to attend any of his events, you must go.

Back on topic. After a tour of the incredible Oxford universities it was back to our beautiful cottage and The Wild Rabbit for dinner.








  1. What a treat, it was very generous of him to take the time to cook for you. The food looks wonderful, and not too much as I find saucy foods can be rather filling. The cottage looks fabulous, love the fireplace. Was the kitchen well equipped? I always worry about rental places not having all the important tools so I usually overpack essentials. The interview wasn’t as clear but it sounded like Zahra was impressed with Nawamin’s skill.

    • Dave Crichton

      Hi Eva, I don’t think you are supposed to hear what Zahra was asking him. It was just a quick tour of the cottage really.

      It was quite sparsely equipped. I know for next time now!

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