Apple Crumble Mille feuille

Post MasterChef Life

The dust is now beginning to settle after Fridays final. I’ve not been inundated with offers, but I’ve had the offers I want. Interestingly, throughout the entire show, no one ever asked me why I had entered the competition. There were definitely a few days when I thought that myself. I’m am so pleased I have though. I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve made some great friends for life, cooked in the worlds best restaurants and made a grown man cry. Not a bad outcome from the show.

Apple Crumble Mille feuille

I always knew I would never give up flying. Unless I was offered a long term contract with a large salary, why would I? I was still working while most of the filming was done. Work were extremely flexible though when I needed it. I’m currently working on my options. I want to cook, to learn and so everyone can come and eat my food. I want people to come because they want to eat my food, not because it is dinner out. I have a few options which could certainly make this work. I’m also under no illusion that this will be very hard work. Enjoyable though.

My current thoughts are to hopefully run a couple of pop-ups a month. Midweek and weekend, hopefully in the city centre and local. While writing my book in the back ground and getting this published as soon as possible. I think a year for that is optimistic. I want the book to be a progression from some absolute basics and fundamentals, time saving midweek meals, and then some showstoppers that are MasterChef worthy. Fingers crossed I can put my own recipes in. This should cover a broad spectrum of abilities and encourage everyone from children to people thinking its their time for the show. Basically what this blog is all about, but a book is easier to navigate! Any suggestions are more than welcome, please enter in the comments below.

Back to the competition. I am currently writing a full diary of events from start to finish. This then needs to be proof read so that I don’t give away any MasterChef secrets. Although I don’t think there are many left.


  1. Hi David,
    Your ideas for the book sound very exciting and something that I’d definitely buy for my kitchen. I love your idea to have a mix of mid week meals with a sprinkling of showstoppers.
    Book all four of us a table at your pop up restaurant! We would be seriously interested in coming to eat your delicious food. Please let us know when and where as soon as you know.

  2. Hi David – Instagram follower here. Was thinking about your post a bit (as I subscribe and if landed in my inbox – I highly recommend people do this!). Looking forward to the diary but what else would I look for? I guess in the climate of mass produced restaurants struggling (I believe due to price and being able to produce your own, often better versions) I’d, A’s your title suggests, like to take the next step and try some fine dining at home. My cooking arsenal is missing a grasp on the classics, flavour combinations that are classic and timings when delivering a 3 course meal. But the thing I’m most obsessed with is tasting menus and their wine pairings. Honestly if you gave me a bible of mix n match tasting plates & what wines compliment them I’d be one happy cook 👩‍🍳- hope this helps

    • Dave Crichton

      Hi Laura, sadly my wine pairing knowledge is fairly basic. Although I’m hoping to do some of my pop-ups at a wine merchants. I’ll learn on the job!

  3. Stephen Armstrong

    Do an occasional pop-up in Newcastle city centre and I’ll be there. It was an absolute pleasure watching you on Masterchef.

  4. Stella @pommet

    I have just arrived home from a trip and watched the last 3 episodes back to back on Iplayer.
    Fantastic! Your Mille Fuille brought me to tears!

    • Dave Crichton

      Oh Stella, I’m pleased a bit of pastry and cream are creating so much emotion. Imagine what you’d be like if you actually tasted it!


  5. Hi David, I was thoroughly impressed by your technical ability on Masterchef. How did you find the time to develop such culinary skills while busy flying? Your food blogger is awesome, thanks for sharing! Both the pop-ups and book sound like great ideas. For the book in the future, i have one small suggestion — maybe within each category (basics, midweek, showstoppers), the dishes could be arranged by ingredients? (Speaking for myself only) I am often not very organised — take a look at the fridge to see what veg/meat I have, then start searching for recipes involving those veg/meat. A book with recipes arranged by main ingredients would be very handy. Just my humble opinion =)

  6. I echo the comments of Stephen Armstrong.It was a pleasure to watch your skills as they unfolded on MASTERCHEF BBC– very well done indeed. Hey we both thought that you would win the coveted title this year !!
    Like Stephen I would be very interested in any culinary enterprise you host in Newcastle on Tyne – please let me know by this medium



  7. Happy to share knowledge FoC re wine pairing – worked for CICV, BiBV, freelance writer for Oz Clarke, run wine soc for 21 years

  8. Janine christie

    Hi Dave, Janine here. Absolutely can wait for the book! I’ve promised my mum a signed copy, hope that’s ok :).

    Also as you know I’ve wanted to try most of your dishes before you were on master chef and have been on at you to do some kind of supper club for a while. Your Instagram account is amazing and has had me in awe of your cooking for some time. Pop up dining sounds like fun! Please put me on the list! I seriously cant wait for that to happen .

    I’m a massive fan of master chef anyway but your journey on it had my whole family gripped. So happy for you. Can’t wait for updates 🙂

  9. I am so glad you are getting the offers you want, it must make you feel over-the-top! I bet your friends are begging for an invite to taste-test that cookbook of yours. The pop-up sounds exciting, we recently watched show about an American couple (husband was the chef) who opened a pop-up restaurant in their apartment in Chicago, just a couple of times a week, limited seating; not sure if it’s legal in the UK, it certainly isn’t in Canada. Here they are called underground restaurants. I have a few friends who have either had restaurants or presently have them, and they are damn hard work. The unfortunate thing is that there are some people who simply cannot be satisfied and sites like Y**p (should be avoided at all costs) promote such negative reviews, particularly if the establishment hasn’t subscribed to their service. It’s a tough business at best and the hours really suck, but I’m sure you’re used to bad hours having to fly through the night. We can see from MC that you are indeed up for the challenge.
    JT and I just watched MC Canada last night and what a huge difference in the overall style of the show, the UK show seems to be about the food, even though the time frames are tight, the plates that the contestants produce were still outstanding whereas the Canadian version seems to be about the drama. For example, last night the four final elimination contestants had to produce a black forest torte from scratch (from memory, no recipe) in 40 minutes! I’ll let your imagination figure out how these cakes turned out! Drama! One guy forgot to put sugar into his sponge and then to save it, he soaked it in boiling simple syrup which made the cake so fragile it resulted in one layer disintegrating and another one slid off onto the floor as he was transferring it to the plate! It was nuts. It seems that the UK season 14 had a higher caliber home cook. One of my favourites was the Ashley Palmer-Watts episode, firstly the amount of time you guys were given was a freak-out because we all know how they push the limit but then we saw the number of pages each contestant had to work with to create the dish was over-the-top! All in all, we prefer the UK version, hands down!
    Wishing you much luck in whatever you decide to do with your new found celebrity.

    • Dave Crichton

      Thanks Eva. We call them supper clubs here, completely legal.

      My dish with Ashley had over 150 steps, incredible but worth the effort. Never tasted anything like it. I’m hoping I’ll have room for a sous chef soon 😉


  10. Yvonne Hebblewhite

    Hi David,
    Your whole journey on Masterchef was A-MA-ZING! It was compelling viewing. In my opinion you were ‘robbed’! 🙂 Hope the result brings all your ambitions to fruition anyway. Am now avidly following your future plans. Count us in for the pop-up intentions and a book would be super.

    • Dave Crichton

      Hi Yvonne

      Thanks for the message. Well the first pop-up has already sold-out, which I’m pleased to say. I’ll advertise the next one on here and hope you and Dave can make it.


  11. Hi David, just wanted to say I really enjoyed watching masterchef and very much looking forward to sampling some delights on the 19th! I also really hope that the book comes together soon. I really enjoy being in the kitchen, and I find it helps me feel rooted to home after being away with work a lot of the time, but I’m looking for ways to make my food go from “pretty good” to “wow!” Any tutorials you are giving please let me know!

    • Dave Crichton

      Hi Nicki

      I’m looking forward to the 19th too. Still nervous about it though. If you come to my cooking demo at Tatton you might pick up a few tips. Watch this space though as I’m working on cooking classes in the local area!

  12. Bernadette duffy

    David, bernadette here from Strabane. Everyone here in the north west would love you to come and do a pop up demonstration of your recipes. I can understand that with work commitments it may be impossible but keep it in mind. Very best wishes for the future.

    • Dave Crichton

      Thanks Bernie, sadly you’re right. It’s nigh on impossible to do events that aren’t on your doorstep. Unless someone else is willing to organise everything. I’ve had a few requests to do things in Newcastle, but for the same reasons, it’s just too difficult at the minute.

      I may do some food festivals in NI if there are any. I’m just doing one in London tomorrow.

      Dave x

  13. While I couldn’t follow along here in Florida, I was rooting for you all the way. Congratulations on a job well done. Will be excited to continue following you on your blog and to hear about that book of yours.

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