Roast Cabbage, Mushroom Teriyaki and Truffle Mayonnaise

Roast Cabbage, Mushroom Teriyaki and Truffle Mayonnaise

Cabbage, teriyaki and truffleI couldn’t help myself wanting to make a version of this dish after seeing Simon Rogan on Saturday Kitchen. This roasted cabbage, mushroom teriyaki and truffled mayonnaise looks innocent enough, but is one of the best tasting things I’ve ever made. We went to his famous restaurant L’Enclume a few years ago. Read all about it here. It’s how much effort goes into making every single ingredient taste it’s best, that makes this so inviting.

There are a lot of processes to the sauce, not difficult but planning ahead is needed. The results are exceptional, every reason why this man has so many top accolades. The brining of the cabbage is a must. It really heightens a simple cabbage to be the centrepiece of the dish. We were completely stuffed after eating this. Who needs meat. Can’t say I’m converted, but truly, this dish will impress anyone. It impressed me and that takes some doing!



  1. It must be very good if you say it is one of the “best tasting things ever”. That is really saying something coming from you.

  2. I’m intrigued, as was Karen, “one of the best tasting things” you’ve ever made. You’ve made some pretty impressive things! I’m curious if I need those exact mushrooms? I really want to try this and I want the experience, but the exact shrooms may be a challenge (note to self, buy unusual dried mushrooms while in London).

    • Dave Crichton

      Hi Eva, i just bought what i could get hold of. The dried were shitake, but porcini will do. As for the fresh ones any will do. The only other thing I couldn’t find was stout vinegar. In all honesty, I’d omit trying to substitute it, reduce the sauce and add some vinegar to sharpen it a bit and balance the sugar.

  3. What a beautiful meal! I keep going over the flavours in my head and I’m sure you’re right!

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  6. Julie murphy

    Oh this looks so up my street l love Japanese food and very much fish or veggie person. But I cant see the full recipe. Any chance you can add or send it to me? Found your site last night and it’s great. Clocked about 20 recipes I need to try now. Also the cheese mouse is it something you eat cold or hot? And one question on chees fruit. I assume you defrost before eating how long would you recommend? Great site can’t wait to try some of your recipes out.

  7. Susan Parish-Schwab

    Hi Dave…this looks beyond delicious, but I can’t find a link to the recipe. Cabbage is one of my favorite vegetables and this! I’ve been salting cabbage ever since I read about the technique in the Silver Palate Cookbook from the 80’s! I would love the recipe if you could send it?

    I just found your site and am enjoying browsing through..also can’t wait to try the Red Snapper with Salsa Verde.

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