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I’m just about to embark on this years holiday where I hope to find some of these delicious French pastries. A canele originates from Bordeaux. They are basically a thick baked custard, although they look like cakes. This is because they are cooked in heavily sugared moulds which create a […]

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Sunday Roast.

  People often ask me when they see my blog, “Do you eat like this every day?”. I wouldn’t say every day, but certainly most. This dish was my interpretation of a Sunday Roast. It could be called Roast Chicken with Manchego stuffing balls, Parmesan Crisp, Asparagus Puree and Mushroom […]

Midweek, Show Stoppers

Morel Mushroom Risotto

  This mushroom risotto follows the form of my Cauliflower risotto and Crab Risotto. Mainly making a mushroom flavoured stock and veloute which are used to cook and enhance the risotto respectively. I used some dried morel mushrooms. I believe these are an excellent reconstituted mushroom, not like the porcinis […]

Midweek, Show Stoppers

Fish Pie.

I wouldn’t normally class a fish pie as Fine Dining so it doesn’t normally grace this blog. This one though was made a little bit differently. The filling has a few different steps, but a normal fish pie filling will be great. The topping however is designed to resemble a […]