The Careless Collection

The Careless Collection

If you don’t follow me on instagram, you wouldn’t have seen the solution to my last quandary. Ultimately to get around any copyright or trademarks, whilst keeping with the theme, I have decided to call the wispas The Careless Collection.

The Careless Collection


Where do I stand at the minute? Well, the council are happy for me to trade. Half of the bars are in the lab. This is £850 per bar per flavour for shelf life testing, nutritional analysis and labelling. Not cheap but it needs to be done, because it is law, plus it gives me piece of mind also. As soon as I receive positive results from them I’ll be beginning production.

The next delay will be the packaging. As much as I would love the packaging to be exactly as above, I’m feeling some compromise is going to be needed in order to achieve the goal. I could spend months perfecting it, but ultimately its the contents which are the most important.

Careless Wisper

I’ve not quite decided yet, but I hope to launch with four bars, one of each chocolate type. Dark, milk, ruby and white. If there are any hangups with the labs, I may just run with the original dark chocolate bar to begin with. You will be able to have any combination you want as long as you choose four bars. I have plans for an exclusive Black Careless Collection. Four different dark chocolates with different fillings. Far too many flavour combinations to play with, but they may be put on the back burner if it costs so much to get each flavour analysed. Where do I buy these then?


I am busy setting up the website in the background. It will obviously need a little bit of testing, but will be ready long before the other bits. I’ll share it with you once its up and running. If you’re not in the UK and would like some of these bars, I’m happy to put them in the post. Sadly I’ll have to leave the customs and delivery charges to yourselves.



  1. Dave, I am salivating. This is amazing x

  2. Great good luck with all this!
    Just out of interest I tried to link to the three social media ‘Follow Me’ buttons of yours on this page… they are all corrupt.

    • Dave Crichton

      Hi Geoff

      Thanks for that. I had no idea. I’ll see if I can fix it before I ask an adult.

      My Instagram handle is DavidCrichton27 plus the new TheCareslessBar I hate using the other two sadly.



  3. Agnieszka Adye

    Hi David. This is such a original and I am sure it tastes delicious. Would make a fabulous gift. Exclusive dark chocolate sounds very tempting. A grown up version 😀. I am pleased you are considering international delivery. Greetings, Agnieszka.

  4. Pat Parfitt

    That’s my 2019 Christmas presents sorted out then! Good on you David, keep going mate and you’ll get there xx

  5. I’ve seen your posts on Instagram so I have been delinquent in checking your blog too. The box is beautiful and I’m glad that things are going your way with the testing too. I wish you tremendous success.

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