The Flying Saucer Dish

Wagyu Beef with a wild mushroom ravioli, morel cream sauce and horseradish mash. Yum.

Difficulty Rating: 4/5

Don’t worry about making your own pasta, it’s just a fancy addition.(Next post or two will be a pasta class) I used ribeye here, but use your favourite choice sirloin, fillet or ribeye. Doesn’t obviously have to be Wagyu as it’s very hard to source. Just whatever is your favourite cut.

Ravioli: 100g strong flour/one egg plus one egg yolk/pinch of salt/150g good mushrooms/garlic/parsley/splash of cream/ truffle oil

Duxelle: 250g chestnut mushrooms

Steak: As advertised. But removed from packaging and left at room temperature for 30mins.

Morel Sauce: 20g dried morels/150g cream/two shallots/parsley/beef concentrate/100ml white wine.

Horseradish Mash: 500g waxy potatoes/100ml milk/garlic/1 tsp horseradish cream/knob of butter.

1) Follow the pasta masterclass in the other post.

2) In a blender pulse mushrooms to a very coarse paste, put on a high heat with a clove of garlic. Cook until reduced and brown. Take off the heat, stir in parsley/cream and a drop or two of truffle oil so that it leaves an aroma. Set aside to cool.

3) Use cooled filling with rolled out pasta(to number 6 on machine) to make big raviolis. Cover and place in fridge until needed.

4) Meanwhile, soak dried mushrooms in enough boiling water to cover. Blitz chestnut mushrooms to almost a puree. Heat this in a knob of butter for about 10mins until all the water has evaporated out of them, they will turn almost black. This is your duxelle. Set aside.

5) Make mash as normal, making sure the potatoes are riced before adding heated cream/milk/horseradish s+white pepper to taste.

6) Finely dice shallots, soften with butter and garlic. Once softened turn up heat add white wine and drained mushroom juice. Reduce by half, then add a tbsp of beef stock concentrate and the cream.Season to taste. Simmer while you cook the beef. Add chopped parsley just before serving.

7) Heat a heavy based pan until smoking. Oil and salt the beef. Cook for 3mins per side, then let rest for 4mins. So in total 10. This gives medium beef. Always use the 10min rule. If you want rare 2mins/side then rest 6, total 10. Well done 4mins/side rest 2 total 10.

8) Put ravioli in simmering water until it rises to the top. While the beef is resting.

9) To serve, put a circle of duxelle in middle of your plate. Place beef on top then add a ravioli. Again i’ve piped the mash but a dollop or quenelle will be fine. Then neatly spoon sauce around the plate.

Critic’s View.

The taste of this sensational dish lived up to its looks. After lingering over where to start first, I decided to dive into the ravioli. This released the most beautiful truffle aroma just to add another dimension to the meal. The pasta was just the right thickness (I often find home cooked pasta can be too thick and dense), and the filling added just the right amount of bite.  The steak was cooked perfectly.  This is the second time I have had wagyu beef and it does taste and feel exquisite to eat.  The fleshy morels are like treasure in any dish.  They absorb lots of sauce like a sponge and release it on entering ones mouth.  Let’s not forget the duxelle under the beef, which brought all the dish together again with that hint of truffle that certainly gives the dish a very accomplished and complete feel.  Certainly one to wow your guests.


  1. Hi fdathome – Just wondering why this one isn’t filed under “show stoppers” category. It certainly looks like it and from your critic’s response, tasted like a show stopper. I am thinking of doing this one for when the in laws come round, but worried that there will be too many bits that it will go wrong. I will try and get bf to be sous chef, but just wondering how long I should give for preparing this dish for 4? Thank you.

  2. Sorry, just realised it is filed under show stoppers. Page 2. Quite right too.

  3. Oh My!! One of my favorite flavor combinations. Nicely done!!

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