Truffle Honey

I thought i’d kick off a new thread on the blog entitled Foodie Finds. These are all the things you find in good delis and wonder what on earth to do with. Or just to tell you about something so spectacularly good I have to pass it on.

The first is truffle honey. Now wife and I have an unusal dislike to truffle. As when it is served it unbearably overpowers the dish. My poor wife’s super sense of smell is somewhat overdosed and like any overdose in life to tend to feel nauseous.

So in my xmas stocking one year turned up this little 100g jar of honey with shavings of truffle in it. Off came the lid and we were almost on our backs with the smell. I bravely in the quest of research soldiered on and at least took some of the honey by itself. The honey was an absolute sensation with just enough truffle scent to give it an earthy flavour whilst still appreciating the honey.

It goes well with all cheese, but if you really want to impress and get one over on your friends I recommend the following. If you can, get some parmesan from a deli. If you can’t the stuff out of a packet will still be good. Put some chunks of parmesan on sticks and make sure they are room temperature. Then either drizzle honey over the top and serve or let your guests help themselves to a little dish of the stuff. Knock out.

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  1. I saw this for sale the other day, white truffle and the black variety. I’ve never tried it so maybe worth starting with the honey infusion first! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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