White Chocolate and Orange Fondant with Cornflake Ice Cream.

White Chocolate and Orange Fondant with Cornflake Ice Cream.

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This white chocolate and orange fondant came about after my sister cooked me my first scrumptious chocolate fondant. Served no less with a Schezuan peppercorn ice cream. Not to be outdone by my sister, it inspired me to create something different. If you google chocolate fondant it is very difficult to find anything other than a plain one. Some are cheat versions that create a cake with a chocolate truffle in the middle, others are a bonafide French classic.

My thinking immediately took me to white chocolate, I love the stuff. I use Green and Blacks White Chocolate, but you could adopt any from the range that doesn’t have nuts or dried fruit in it. If you follow the recipe below it will make about 9 puddings. They cook perfectly at 180°c for 12mins, foolproof. The other highlight of these though, which is what I do, is to freeze all of them. These can then be cooked when you want for an extra 5-6 mins and out comes a perfect fondant on tap. Perfect for entertaining.

Cornflake ice cream! I hve heard of this for a while and not just in the blogging world. I know that nobody actually eats cornflakes anymore, only children, but as I was ill over Christmas it was the only thing I wanted to eat. I had a craving for a bowl of plain cornflakes with ice cold milk. The ice cold milk is the key and hence why cornflake ice cream is superb. There are two ways of making it. The first is to soak 150g of cornflakes in 500ml milk overnight. You then use this strained milk to make a standard ice cream. The second is a lot easier but you definitely need an ice cream maker. The method for this is below.

This can also be substituted for any of your favourite cereal from Rice Crispies to Crunchy Nut Cornflakes or Coco Pops. The milk will always take on the flavour of whatever you infuse it with.purerecipe]



    White Chocolate Fondant

  • 50g Melted Butter
  • 2 Tbsp Caster Sugar
  • 200g White Chocolate
  • 200g Butter
  • 200g Caster Sugar
  • 4, plus 4 Egg Yolks Eggs
  • 200g Plain Flour
  • Zest of 1 Large Orange. Orange Zest
  • Cornflake Ice Cream

  • 500ml Organic Whole Milk
  • 150g Cornflakes
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla Paste
  • 75ml Agave Syrup(or sugar to taste)
  • Chocolate Drops

  • 250ml Hot Chocolate
  • 100g Plain Choclate


  1. Make the ice cream by adding the cornflakes to the milk, vanilla and agave syrup. Bring to the boil, remove from the heat and let infuse for 30mins. Blend with a stick blender and pass through a sieve. Let cool and add to an ice cream maker. If you don't have an ice cream maker and just transfer to a freezer you will end up with a cornflake brick which you could build houses with. ( Use the method above)
  2. To prepare the fondants. Prepare dariole moulds or standard ramekins with the melted butter, add the caster sugar and make sure every bit is coated. Place in the fridge for the butter to harden.
  3. Melt the chocolate and butter together over simmering water, stir until incorporated and let cool for 5 mins.
  4. Whisk all the eggs and sugar together until white. Add the flour. Carefully, a third at a time, add the chocolate and butter mixture. Finally add the grated orange zest. Divide between the moulds.
  5. To cook, either cook now at 180°c for 12 mins or from frozen for 17-18mins. 
  6. For the chocolate drops, make the hot chocolate and while warm add the chocolate to melt into it. Transfer to a squeezy bottle. As it cools it will solidify and be the correct consistency to create drops.
Serve the fondants with a scoop of the ice cream. 


  1. This dessert sounds like something I would get in a restaurant. Great job.

  2. Hi David, you’re an aviator! I felt sure you must be a full-blown chef looking at the incredibly beautiful food you turn out time and time again. I love that you have gone for a white chocolate fondant (Masterchef would be blown away with this as I am sure they are sick to death of the plain ol’ classic version) and cornflake icecream knocks brownbread icecream off its pedastal. Wow! (and I see I’ve a lot of catching up to do – I’ve missed loads of gorgeous dishes)

    • Dave Crichton

      Thanks Hester, I’ve just spent 8 hours at 40,000′ flying from Nairobi, it is good thinking time up there for my next creations!

  3. How interesting, we call this type of cake/pudding a molten cake, be it chocolate or white chocolate. I love the fact that you can freeze it and bake directly from the freezer. My molten chocolate cake is not freezable but it is easy to make and refrigerate for baking later, even a day later (not more though as the egg white will deflate a bit).
    Now, I know exactly what you mean about the cornflake milk, used to love the stuff, now I eat only the healthier high bran cereals, even cornflakes has sugar in it. But to convert it to a dessert is brilliant, David.

    • Dave Crichton

      Is your molten ace on your blog Eva. I like the idea of adding egg white for a soufflé effect. These filled my ramekins just over half full, and still rose perfectly well after being in the freezer.

  4. David, I have never seen anything like this before. It is amazing. I love the chocolate drops and the cornflake ice cream. And the fondant is over the top delicious.

  5. This looks absolutely delicious! Never tried corn flake ice cream, but it definitely sounds like something I have to try out myself soon.

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