Chicken Liver Parfait Brulee.

Chicken Liver Parfait Brulee.

Normally you have toast and chutney with any chicken liver pate. Unfortunately we are gluten-free in the house at the moment so I wondered how I could create the missing crunch from the bread. The brulee was the answer, it was understandably very sweet so complemented beautifully with the sour marmalade. It’s actually very easy to make too.

Difficulty 1/5

Parfait: 400g Chicken Livers(trim of any unnecessary sinewy bits yields about 300g), 150g butter, 1 egg, 1 shallot, sprig of thyme, 100ml port, 50 ml brandy. Caster sugar for bruleeing.

Marmalade: I had a good quality shop bought one. Sometimes life’s too short.

1) Soften shallot in a pan with the thmye, turn up the heat add brandy and reduce until sticky. Add port and do the same again. Strain and keep aside.

Heat Oven to 110c

2) Quickly cook the chicken livers until just cooked but pink in the centre. Transfer to a processor, add butter and reserved port reduction.Once mixture has cooled sufficiently add the egg, season. It should be smooth, if not pass through a sieve to ensure a smooth texture.

3) Fill ramekins 2/3 full, place in a deep sided pan with hot water poured half-way up.Bain-Marie. Cover loosely with foil, bake until they reach 62 degrees C. This took 20mins. It may take a little longer. Once at 62c, let cool then leave in fridge for at least 4 hours to cool and solidify.

4) When ready to serve, put a thin layer of sugar over the tops. Heat with a blow torch until it turns into liquid. It doesn’t need to caramelise too much as this is just the first layer. Once first layer is cool, about 2 mins. Do the same again, making sure the sugar is caramelised this time though. The base layer just helps protect the parfait from the high sugar temperatures so all the parfait stays fairly solid.

Serve with the marmalade however you see fit.


  1. I like the double sugar layer idea – definitely one I’ll remember:)

  2. I am a chicken liver lover! My husband and children are less keen on it. Interesting mix of flavours: liver parfait served with jam.

    • Hi Rita, it only makes three ramekins full. Plus they get better everyday they stay in the fridge. So maybe you could have a stash in the fridge rather than chocolate.

  3. Dima Sharif

    This is so interesting I had never thought of pairing livers with Brulee!!! but I can see where this is going 🙂 Shall try, thanks for the inspiration..

    • The brûlée is very exciting and interesting, but it really needs the sour marmalade to balance the richness. Not sure what you could use in Dubai, I’m sure there’ll be jars of marmalade available though, probably next to the baked beans!

  4. Liver pate with sugary coating sounds very unexpected to me. Also, adding some port and brandy… Interesting. We love liver pate, be it chicken or beef, but I usually add just some nutmeg and black pepper. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I don’t know about UK, but here in the US we have a lot of choices with gluten-free mixes for breads or cookies. I tried them and was not disappointed one bit (my husband didn’t even see the difference 🙂

    • Hi Nadia, thanks for the comment. The brûlées were that good that my wife rushed home from work today to have the last one for lunch! It actually tasted better today than yesterday too. Gluten free wise, the UK is getting better but you certainly can tell the difference between products. Things that should be crispy are soggy and vice versa for some reason.

      I love your blog, not only sharing it with your daughter, but I love when another influence crosses over. Call it fusion if you like.

  5. We enjoyed something very similar at a restaurant last night, it was so delicious I had to look up a recipe today. The brûlée came with beet chips/crisps – which are gluten free and equally yummy!

  6. Sarah Hutchison

    I’m confused about the part where it says add cream? There’s only butter in the ingredient list.

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