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Chocolate Sorbet

Difficulty Rating: 0.5/5 This is so easy, yet so delicious and almost guilt free. The trick is firstly to get good cocoa powder, I use Green and Blacks. The second most important thing about sorbets is the addition of a whipped egg white. It stops a sorbet being a frozen […]

Foodie Finds

Truffle Honey

I thought i’d kick off a new thread on the blog entitled Foodie Finds. These are all the things you find in good delis and wonder what on earth to do with. Or just to tell you about something so spectacularly good I have to pass it on. The first […]


Chicken Pie

Difficulty Rating 2 or4/5 I’ve put this on here as although not exactly fine dining, you can make it the easy way or the more refined way. If you follow the refined way you will be amazed at how good a humble chicken pie could taste. The easy way will […]


Fresh Pasta Masterclass

      Pasta Class. I’m sure many of you have had problems with making pasta from recipes alone. I hopefully can dispel some of the problems you may come across. 1) I always find the amounts listed in recipes never works. So I use 100g strong flour(at least 13g/100g […]

Show Stoppers

The Flying Saucer Dish

Wagyu Beef with a wild mushroom ravioli, morel cream sauce and horseradish mash. Yum. Difficulty Rating: 4/5 Don’t worry about making your own pasta, it’s just a fancy addition.(Next post or two will be a pasta class) I used ribeye here, but use your favourite choice sirloin, fillet or ribeye. […]


Thai Green Curry

Difficulty 1/5 You may ask why bother putting the easiest curry ever on a fine dining blog. One reason is that the previous dish was a tad complicated so i wanted to put an easy one on for you all to have a go. Thai green curries are good, but […]