Pork Fillet wrapped in parma ham and sage, beetroot crisps and parsnip puree.

Pork Fillet wrapped in parma ham and sage, beetroot crisps and parsnip puree.

Difficulty Rating 3/5

This dish came about as I was trying to think of some new type of presentation. I wanted to work in threes, so three pieces of pork with three crisps worked out nice.

Pork: 1 Pork Fillet 400gish/ 6 slices Parma Ham/ 6 sage leaves.

Crisps: 2 raw beetroot and 1 sweet potato.

Parsnip Puree: 2 large parsnips-chopped/ cream/ garlic./ chicken stock.

Fondant Carrot and Potato: 1 large carrot( cubed need 6)/ 1 large potato( peeled cut into 2×1 inch thickness)./ Any herbs+garlic/ chicken stock/ butter and oil

Set oven to 200c/180c Fan./380f

1) Firstly lay a piece of cling film twice the size of your chopping board down. Lay the slices of Parma(any other cured ham is good) ham side by side overlapping slightly so that there are no gaps. Form a large rectangle. Place pork a couple of inches in from the edge, make a line of the sage leaves on the pork. Season with black pepper only. Now with the help of the clingfilm roll up and secure ends tightly. Allow to rest in fridge. This helps the meat maintain a lovely cylindrical shape.

2) Finely slice beetroot and potato on a Mandolin if you have one. I don’t so I cut them as best I could to 1-2mm. Obviously be careful, then put on kitchen paper to absorb excess moisture. Fry at a high heat 180c, until they start to colour, drain on kitchen paper and sprinkle with salt.

3) Begin the fondant potatoes-see lessons for a full in depth instructions-brown potatoes on first side. Turn over, add stock. At this point throw carrot into the pot. Cover and let boil for 25 mins. Season just before plating up.

4) In another pan add chopped parsnips and a clove of garlic, boil in chicken stock for 10-15mins until very soft. Drain, then add to a food processor and blend whilst adding cream to get a smooth spreadable puree. Season with salt, white pepper and a touch of nutmeg.

5) Now for the pork, unwrap and brown in a very hot pan on each side. 30-45secs is enough. Transfer to the oven. Cook for 8-10mins. Take it out after 8. If you have a thermometer you need 55c-60c. If its there set aside. If not place back in the oven until it does. If you don’t have a thermometer best measure it by squeezing it. You are looking for a tiny amount of springback. Think of a just over ripe banana. If none its over done. If it’s a mussy banana it’s under done. Let it rest while you plate up.

Make a rectangular section of puree through the middle of the plate. Place three carrots on one side, with the poatato on the other. Then slice the pork into 1inch thick rondelles(slices). Layer them along the puree with a beetroot and sweet potato crisp after each slice.

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  1. I really liked it when you used to put the critic’s review on the dishes you cooked. It really brought them to life for me and helped me decide if I should take the plunge with these recipies or not. Can you bring your critic out of retirement please?! Pretty please? Or is there a vacancy? Can I help?!

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