Roast Guinea Fowl with Petit Pois a la Francaise.

Roast Guinea Fowl with Petit Pois a la Francaise.

Unfortunately we can’t eat Beef Wellington’s and White Chocolate fondants everyday, so on the days of eating much healthier food it just means we have to try a little harder in order for it to be great. This dish is so versatile, it is basically lightly cooked vegetables in a lovely stock with some smoked bacon for oomph. In France they often serve this with pigeon, but any bird that offers roasted skin and good sized portions will work. Pheasant, guinea fowl, chicken, poussin etc.

If you want to serve this for guests the luxury feel is easily added by finishing the sauce with cream or butter. In this version  I made my own chicken stock, and what was 1.5Litres of stock is cooked down to 200ml.[purerecipe]


  • 2 Guinea fowl
  • 1L Chicken Stock
  • 450g Petit Pois
  • 200g Smoked Lardons
  • 16 Baby Onions
  • 2 Little Gem Lettuce
  • 2 Large, cut into 1in long batons. Carrots
  • 4 Cut into 2cm discs. Baking Potatoes
  • 200g Duck Fat
  • Few Sprigs Thyme


  1. If you want to make this a super speedy midweek supper, make up the chicken stock from your favourite source. If you want the extra level of flavour follow this former recipe for making a fresh chicken stock. It's not difficult, you just need to be organised.
  2. Cook the confit potatoes, by melting the duck fat. Add the potatoes and cook on either side on medium for 10mins. Season afterwards.
  3. Boil the carrots in the stock for 4mins. Strain and reserve both. Now reduce the stock until it is half its original volume.
  4. Roast the Guinea Fowl at 180°c for 40-45mins, let it rest as you make the sauce.
  5. Brown the lardons and baby onions together, 6 minutes. Add the reduced stock, carrots and petit pois. Cook until you have an equal mix of jus and vegetables. Once the sauce consistency is correct, at this stage throw in cream or butter if you are making it a little more decadent. Then shred the lettuces, add to the pan and turn the heat off. Check the sauce for seasoning.
To plate up, carve the birds in to breast portions. Put a confit potato in the centre of a plate. Put the meat on top and spoon the petit pois a la francaise around, making sure the onions are spread evenly.


  1. This must have been a delicious meal…I would have to use chicken as I haven’t seen guinea in the markets.

  2. Now that must be an extraordinary sauce, 1.5L cooked down to 200mL! And the presentation of the vegetables is just beautiful. I would definitely serve this to guests, without the cream or butter. Nicely done, David.

    • Dave Crichton

      I’ve found this homemade chicken stock reduced to sauce consistency to be an absolute sensation. Not only is it super healthy once you remove the fat, it doesn’t need any salt either! If you have a spare day and stuck for ideas I would recommend giving it a go.

  3. Wonderful looking dish. That crispy roasted skin looks so tasty!

  4. Looks perfect to eat!! Your pictures are beautiful.

  5. This is really nice, David! I was tempted to add pancetta to my usual ‘spezzatino di pollo e piselli’ but I decided to post what I normally eat… next time I will try your recipe ( duck fat???!! uhm…). Ciao

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