Wood Pigeon, beetroot puree, venison scotch eggs.

Difficulty Rating 3/5

This is actually a lot easier than it looks, but a lot tastier than it looks too.

2 Wood Pigeons

Scotch Eggs: 2 venison sausages/ 3 quail eggs/ tbsp flour/ 1egg/ breadcrumbs

Beetroot Puree: 300g cooked beetroot/ 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar/ clove of garlic/ 1tbsp creme fraiche/1 tsp horseradish.

Turnip Puree: 3 turnips/ 100ml cream/ clove garlic./ shallot.

Fondant Potato and Carrot: 1 large waxy potato/ garlic/ thyme/ chicken stock/ 1 large carrot.

Jus: Onion/carrot/thyme/garlic/1-2tsp redcurrant jelly/port/red wine/beef stock./dried mushrooms.

Get a most of this made ahead, then its easy come dinner time.

1) Boil trunips in some stock with a clove of garlic until very soft. Drain then whizz in a processor whilst adding cream to a texture of your liking. Set aside in fridge.

2) Add all the beetroot puree ingredients in food processor and blitz once again. Then pass this through a sieve. Set aside also.

3) For the scotch eggs, boil quail eggs for 2 minutes then place in iced water. I elect to use 3 as it is very easy to break the eggs when you peel them. Top tip is to crack shell all over with a sharp knife, just tap shell until you feel it go. Then turn egg upside down, fat end, break the air seal and continue to peel gently under running water. Now place a large square of cling film on the bench. Remove venison sausage from it’s skin then spread out on cling film about 1 cm thick. Place egg in centre, then pull all corners of sausage up with the cling film, press the sausage together at the open end. Twist film to make a tight seal, set aside in fridge. Repeat for the other one.

4) Start preparing your potatoes and carrots. Check out Fondant Potatoes in Lessons, then create large cubes with your carrots. Take pigeons out of the fridge to warm up.

5) Get jus started by sweating vegetables in some oil with the garlic and thyme. Crank heat up, add a good splash of port/maderia/marsala reduce until sticky. Then add remaining ingredients and reduce by at least half or until it thickens. Pass through sieve, return to pan and add a couple knobs of butter to add sheen to the sauce.

Heat oven 190c

6) Start the fondants, add 50g butter to a pan, with tbsp oil and aromatics. Brown potatoes on medium high heat for 5 mins. Turn over, then add carrot cubes, top with stock and place lid on top. 30mins on medium heat they will be ready.

7) Brown pigeon breast in a frying pan for 1 minute a side. Add a knob of butter and some seasoning then place in the oven for 8 minutes. Remove let rest for a least 5 mins.

8) When pigeons go in the oven, place scotch eggs in oil at 160c. Cook for 3-4mins. This will ensure they don’t burn, but cook sausage and keep quails eggs yolks runny. Drain on kitchen paper.

Ready to plate up, heat up set aside purees. Put a spoonful of beetroot puree in one corner, place a potato on top. Then put a dollop of turnip puree in the other 3 corners, top one with a cut in half scotch egg, the other two with a fondanted carrot. When ready to serve pigeon, slice down either side of the back bones with a sharp knife. Then place atop potato and spoon gravy over.

(Apologies for my jus going all over place on the plate above.)

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